Sunday, 28 October 2012

Why Why Why!!

1.       Why the hell do clothes shrink right after a good meal?

2.       Why can’t music listen to me and play itself when even I don’t know what I want to hear!

3.       Why is ‘Maggi’ called ‘Maggi’ when it has 0% Magnesium?

4.       Why don’t Malayalis belong to Malaysia and make atleast 1 GK fact simple?

5.       Why do ideal men love men?

6.       FAT: Why are just 3 letters enough to show 3 layers?

7.       How can a Bollywood actor sing in so many voices within the same film?!

P.S: I have no clue why am I asking all this. May be I overthink or it’s one of those days when I have   nothing to ponder on ;) 

1 comment:

  1. ref to point 2: there are already "mood" players. they play songs depending on your current mood. playlist is generated on your previous choices/preferences