Friday, 26 October 2012

Bollywood is having a ball!

It was a great mango season in terms of some of the outstanding movies that were released in the past few months.

 However cliché, horror Raaz 3 was an opener for a string of awesome hit movies in Bollywood.

Barfi was a special one with even more special characters in it. Barfi cycling to A R Rahman’s tunes in the beautiful bylanes was a treat. Kudos to Jhilmil for being a better retard than a retard.  If only they hadn’t taken our old habit of copying from someone else’s “Notebook” so seriously!  

And then came Heroine. The movie was a hit on every pocket that paid to watch it. It seems Madhur Bhandarkar manipulated Kareena’s role to portray each and every and probably the only emotion he went through(constipated pain) when Aishwarya chose pregnancy instead. Seeing the film’s fate, must say that the baby girl indeed brought Aishwarya immense good luck even before she arrived.

OMG! Oh My God restored my faith into the fact that Akshay Kumar is not a bimbo! A rare amalgamation of intelligence, sensibility and humor. It will surely be my choice for Oscars, Bharat Ratna and even Nobel ! This movie should be a compulsory video lecture for every Indian who shuns common sense for religious adamancy.  Paresh Rawal is a class in himself but what entertained me the most was Sri…Sri…Sri…Sri…Sri…Sri…Sri…Sridevi in English Vinglish! ;)

It was a great comeback movie for our very own Lord Voldemort, Sridevi. Every kid can connect to their immature years through this movie. It’s about every Ma who falls in love with herself after loving her family for years. On a serious note, I wish she had run away with the cutexy French guy. But on 2nd thoughts, by feeding her hubby an extra Laddoo in the last scene plus going by the trend of Indian men embracing stress diabetes, may be it was a smart move to keep the ugly husband’s property  and the French stud a few years later. After all, you can never predict a woman.  ;)

  Hopefully  films like SOTY are minor hiccups and the upcoming ones, Talaash, JTHJ, SOS etc. will manage to stretch up this dream run. :)

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