Saturday, 6 October 2012

Handy Tips while dating a Computer geek

A plethora of girls end up integrating the ‘Ross Geller’/’Sheldon Cooper’ of Computer Science world into their lives and hence begins  a tedious journey of debugging the guy’s head periodically for things that are as obvious as Pamela Anderson's you-know-what....  

These few pointers can be a balm for any irritated girl out of the mushy phase where her only reaction to his monologues is Dafuq!

1.       As soon as he starts boring you with the “awesome configuration, amazing blah blah!! ” about a certain Apple product, fizzle him out by asking for it as a gift. It may work as good as pest control.

2.       “Babe you should try coding. It can be our ‘thing’ “ can easily be negated by  “Only if you try shopping.  Though, It will all be my ‘thing’ “

3.       He fears bugs. Become a bug. Threaten to crash if he doesn’t change even a little. Pester him till he welcomes normality into his life.

P.S: Normality means coming home before 12, watching a video instead of a video lecture, working FOR home instead of ‘working FROM home’ , flirting with the idea of  long drive instead of ‘long’ datatype and any stuff  that  makes you go “Awwww…..”

4.       Want to get a point across? Write a code!

After every genuinely emotional demand of yours, he will unfailingly say “I don’t understand”
He may even give you the setup of Ruby (A programming language) when you ask for Ruby, the beautiful  gem.

No worries. Try something like this:

    switch (Take_me_on_a_date) {
case Yes:

            printf("You are a smart guy, just saved yourself ;)\n");


case MayBe:

            printf("You will invite trouble. I am warning you :/ \n");


case No:

            printf("You are a mean selfish guy cheating on me with your codes. I will dump you before the morning garbage! >.< \n");



            printf("You mean so much to me but I dunno about you. Don’t even think it's an  emotional atyaachaar  \n");}

If he can’t decode this also, Girl u got a problem. Your guy is seriously weak at coding and may never get a good package! Hence, you may like to reconsider your decision of taking so much effort to appreciate the difference between colon and semicolon, intend and indent, RAM and Lord Ram, Python-The  Snake and Python- The Programming Language and much more  ;)


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