Monday, 19 November 2012

I got a contagious disease!!

Ok, So I am in solitary confinement. My roommate shifted to the hall. Now I know how mean  untouchability was. I have utensils assigned which I keep outside like a pet whenever I am hungry.

Nobody shares chocolates with me anymore. I have been forced to take leaves way out of my league.

Is it that bad? May be, it’s not!

Woohoo! I have the master bedroom with the biggest attached bathroom all to myself. Even my hair on the floor is happy. No competition with my roommate’s after all. I am over the moon thanks to sheer impossibility  of “Hi Hello..Ya Right! Bimbo” bitching all night and waking up crow eyed for work. I can instead polish other innate yet ignored talents. Training my flatmates for motherhood is one of them. ;D

I am being served breakfast, lunch, dinner in bed for free because “Babe, I pay by cash only these days. I swear I won’t wipe my viral nose with the note”  is a good generosity magnet. :D

I have never had ownership over any plate or glass and suddenly I am entitled to everything of my own. Divine bliss I need not swim in the sink anymore before dinner for a tiny spoon.

Thank god I had a bite of every pack of chocolate in the house just before I was officially a weapon of mass beauty destruction . Now they are all mine. Self Hi-five!

And dear boss, for the 1st time, I would like to come to office. Before time. Work overtime. Call just once and I will hug you, share my donut, laugh at your jokes really hard and wipe off the unintentional spit and leave the intentional virus behind on you. Just one call. Just one……  

Life is not exactly a bed of roses these days. It’s a bed of Neem leaves and Neem is good, soothing, calming. 

I am even rising above materialistic stuffs. Thanks to chicken pox, I already hate the idea of consuming any chicken dish. God forbid but if I ever get FISHer / EGGzema,  PETA you know who to lookout for. ;)

Even my craze for the “perfect pattern for frivolous people”, polka dots is gone. Because I look like one already. L

@Friends who silently suffer with me even without chicken pox:  What earlier was a tantrum is now my Right sweetheart. I will scream and whine because I have been asked not to have fine wine & dine. FYI, I still don’t think fruits, sprouts, juices are edible.   I genuinely pray for thy mental strength till I win the fight against the eunuchs of living-non living world, Virus. 

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