Thursday, 18 October 2012

What did Mathematics teach me?

"Ram has 12 apples. He has to distribute it equally amongst Meeta,
Geeta, Seeta and himself. What is Ram’s share?"

Such ‘now- cute-then-horrible’ unitary method questions in 4th class
tried to teach us stuffs beyond maths. Dared we wrong any of the
folks, 0 was waiting right there. :D

Time vroomed ahead and accidentally, I *chose* MSc Mathematics. Yep,
the only degree I did not just get. :)

While pursuing MSc, I discovered the lawyer within. The basic
assumptions were not so anymore. To justify the 108th collorary of
some 10000th theorem, we had to prove so much that my logical skills
escalated much higher than the grades that I eventually procured.
After vomiting out every mugged up proof within an hour, we usually
had good 2 hours still left to use our creativity in proving things
that seemed as obvious as the fact that ‘A’ comes before ‘B’. But we
formed our arguments, presented it somehow and confidently ended in
big bold lie “Hence Proved”.

I firmly believe that my well thought, self composed Proofs have made
me Tougher, Smarter, Liar. Traits of a budding lawyer, eh? :D

Btw, those 2 hours undeniably followed the clock of 3rd level of inception.
But my favorite lesson is the beautiful analogy that mathematics exhibits between life and angle.

One day, you were nothing. Precisely at 0 degree. Soon, you picked up
the sand grains, some within grip, some slipping out, could see good
things coming, you were high at 90 degrees. Eventually, came a point
where life did not even have the ghost of pain, loss, failure. You
were riding on a crest. You stood at 180 degrees. The angles kept
ticking with time. You got accustomed to name, fame and shame, blurred
the lines between need and greed. Never realized the quest to move
further ahead was bringing you closer to 0 degree. Suddenly, even with
everything, you hit saturation. Maths defied its own fundamentals when
360 equaled 0. And at 365 degrees, you get back to rebuilding it all.

Isn’t life a beautifully solved mathematical example ! :)

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