Sunday, 5 May 2013

Ek Thi Daayan Review

 Well it’s the story of a magician whose name if you chant in continuation will bring out the dog in you, Mr. Bobo(Emran Hashmi).

He is dating Tamara(Huma Qureshi) and they have an adopted son, Zubin in the pipeline. Now Bobo is not scared of burning a living girl in his magic shows but a baby girl with doll spooks him out. Spooky enough that after a while he decides marrying Tamara is the solution for it all.. Duh!

Bobo now digs up his past and story shifts to the  eleven year old wanna be magician. Living happily with his Sis and Dad, Bobo is unable to tame the Sherlock in him and takes a trip to hell in the building’s non functional escalator. Yeah right.. Don’t press 666 or you will reach hell.

Now enters a daayan(Konkana)  in their lives with the most innovative name, ‘Daayana’. She henpecks his Tharki Dad under her charm in no mean time. Bobo identifies the Daayan and tries  to convince his Dad but Alas! Tharki Dad is just too tharki. Konkana actually manages to give out a few scary moments without any lame ass twist in the plot. _/\_

Daayana has the ability to transform into a lizard and slip through anywhere. So convenient whenever you feel  too  fat for the door ;)

Daayans are recharged by the sacrifice of a kid and Daayan Daayana picks up Bobo’s lil sissy. Caught red handed in the act by father and son, Daayan kills Daddy Cool also and asks Bobo to come along. But Bobo chops off her pigtail and boom! she crumbles after promising  of PunarJanam..Also, we learn that Daayans have feet in the reverse direction.

Ofcourse all this Bobo’s  intelligence comes from the H C Verma of Magic world, a crap book he bought from a Kabadi Wala.   

Come back to the yawning present now, Enter the girl with front teeth all over the place, Lisa(Kalki). Her Daayan like jewelleries affirm that Daayan has come back. Yawn… Yawn.

She buys Bobo’s  crappy childhood home and soon Tamara is hanging on the railing as if it’s ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’. Ofcouse Piddi Lisa managed to topple Fat Huma and even more obvious is that atleast 50 more people who are at the party don’t lend a helping hand to Bobo The Dodo to pull his wife up. Duh!
Sniffing threat to Zubin’s life Bobo boboes to hell again  ofcourse in the non functional elevator and meets the chudail+wife he had been with all along, Tamara…

Wonder how even after making out so many times he did not notice her feet. Like father, like son. :\
Bobo is enlightened with the fact that he is a potential ‘Pishaach’ and should sacrifice the kid on the table to join the league. Weirdly, lots of expressionless people are present in hell while all this goes on. LOL! Ofcourse ‘Bobo The Pishaach’ decides against it and  delares:” THIS IS SPARTA..!”

‘ Tams the dumbs’ is apparently a newbie Daayan as she forgets to transform into a lizard before crawling up the wall in the fight. No common sense only :\

Being a sheer genius, ‘Bobo The Dodo’ recalls from the book that being a potential Pishach, he can harness the energy and has his Junior G moment. He then uses that energy to Khallaas Tamara.

He now has to kill ‘Daayana The Daayan’ but sadly he loses his killer abilities with the loss of his innocence according to Satan manual. Duh!

After a funny fight between Bobo and Daayan’s choti, Javed Habib of the story-Zubin, chops off her hair and she crumbles again. If only he could make her Takloo.. :\

 Okay Okay! Wake up now. This movie is not that bad and full of pretty ladies. You can watch it once and that’s all. J J

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  1. Witty writing.
    Even reading this article more worthy than watching movie.