Sunday, 14 April 2013

No figure is perfect figure

Okay there is a girl who can immediately see every pizza piece I eat on my tummy /shoulders / face and  sometimes on my fingers also. I tell you she is just crazy. First she forces me to go to gym at odd hours as I keep repeating the following lines in my head while huffing on the treadmill-

“You're on the frontline
Everyone's watching
You know it's serious
We're getting closer
This isnt over

The pressure is on
You feel it
But you've got it all

Believe it…..”.

 Then I crawl back like a proud soldier who has just conquered her Tiger Tummy hill and this mean girl convinces me that I should be rewarded with pizza, chocolates and sometimes Soft drink also as my victory drink which apparently has calories equivalent to 7 spoons of sugar. Even as I open my mouth to say N..she interrupts me saying…”You look anorexic! Do you want to look like Kareena Kapoor!” and I am like “Yuck! Hell no! Who wants to look like her.. “  
Yeah! Right! . Just 2 burps later she pops up in front of me reminding how life and my face goes on in a circle. :\
But there is one thing we agree on. There are only 2 kinds of girls in this world- Paper/Papad, Elephat.
Being a fan of the TV Series ‘2 Broke girls’, girls are either Carolined or Maxed in the virtual list. ;)
Paper Wafer girls are disgusting. Infact, we think they are non-males but not females. Their collar bone is like 2 swords hanging on a wall.  They don’t even have a belly for belly dancing. Yuck Thoo!
Now elephats are so fat that a sofa can sit on them. If they hug us, we won’t even need a bubble wrap.  Oh Man! They look eternally pregnant. Yuck thoo!

I, ofcourse, am different. I keep swaying back andf forth between  NOTA(None of the above) and  BOTA(Both of the Above). This is obviously decided by this crazy girl I have been talking about all along who is right now grinning back at me from the mirror. All I want to sing to her is:
“I hate you like I love you… aaooouuu!”  

P.S: I recently managed to get my favorite answer for my “Am I looking thin or fat?” question.
Me: “Am I looking thin or fat in that pic?”
Friend:  I haven’t even seen it but I am sure very thin.
Me: Hatt!! Very funny <Weeeeee….Weeeee>
Me: Did you see the pic now?
Friend<After a long pause>: OMG! You are so thin that it took me a while to find you!
Me: Liar!(Read yes!) Kutta! (Read yes!) …. Be honest naa(Read No No No!)


  1. atleast this explains "kutta"

  2. Moti moti moti...

  3. Kya moti, iss sab ki kya juroort thi. Hum jaante hain that u have some extra flabs but dont worry, u'll be alright agar aise hi workout kiya

  4. arreyy! Koi ghar ka hai ... Kameeni ya kisi kameeni ka Bf :D