Saturday, 8 June 2013

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Review

Lemme start with ‘You  r my pumpkin pumpkin, Hello honey Bunny(Ranbir Kapoor)’.  Ranbir is not only the best actor that I have seen in recent times but also the most good looking one. Loafer whistles at you my Boy!

It all begins with the meeting of conservative, shy Naina(Deepika Padukone) and her Mommy with  Naina’s  dudette friend Aditi(Kalki). Mommy dear whose own daughter is in a mini skirt finds Aditi’s hotpants too much. LOL

Bored of mugging, Naina joins Aditi, Bunny and the Talli hero-from-Aashiqui 2-who-keeps-forgetting-that-this movie-is-not-Aashiqui 2, Avi(Aditya Roy Kapoor) for a trip to Manali(Kashmir in reality). After a few trademark Deepika’s hair shots , she falls for Bunny who meanwhile keeps flirting with nose-par-jiske-plastic-hai-saara, Lara and indulges in lots of idiotic slow motion dialogues with Naina who has probably damaged her own Naina by studying in the light of things like campfire. Aaargh!

Bunny runs off to USA to chase his dreams just as she was about to propose to him.

Fast forward the story to 8 years later.
Bunny has grown  a beard and changed his earrings and is living his dream life of travelling places. Naina is emoting with her hair, Aditi has decided to marry a rich, fat boy after finally moving on from Awww I love that idiot Avi phase. Avi is ofcourse still shooting for Aashiqui 2

Bunny suddenly pops up at her wedding and dances like a hurricane without any choreography. Wow!
I have a complaint here: How can Aditi be so mean that while she is wearing the prettiest of clothes, she lets her hubby  wear weird flowery shirts. Duh Woman..

Slow romantic(Yawn!) conversations resume between Bunny and now hot Naina who tells him Damn-you-Moron-Come-back-home in a very polite way and 20 mins later, he obliges.
Okay, The END.


·         The queen of grace and beauty Madhuri Dikshit’s tasteful item number.
·         Kalki’s Bindaas acting and comic timing.
·         Catchy songs

·         Ranbir Kapoor ;)

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  1. Though I will never watch this movie, I liked ur view of finding humour in small things. keep the good work up...