Monday, 6 January 2014

My New Year resolutions

Lazy bum kam:

This year I intend to free myself from laziness thanks to some serious inspiration by the word going around that 2014 has same calendar as 1947, India’s year of freedom. (Too lazy and non excited to verify this.)

Run, run, run………

Not towards food but a healthy lifestyle. I have already dropped to samosa from samosa chaat. Plan is to convert it into popcorn(only) soon. Because deep down I know that there are more ways to looking hot than high fever.
Remember ladies!
 "Once on lips, forever on hips"

Early to bed,

early to rise

On Weekdays

Is wise….

It’s not a matter of shame  if you want to hit the sack early so that you can wake up minus the zombie look,have a peaceful breakfast and plan your day. Life has much more meaning to it than just shoes and booze(except on weekends)

Work is worship:

Okay Fine! Atleast  important.

Now that I am into my first job after many sleepless nights(nay! Wasn’t studying.. just panicking), I am going to put in 100% into it to actually judge the nature of work instead of going by the conjectures.


Reduce prattling my opinion on well…just about everything:

Keeping quiet about irrelevant things can be a serenade to the mind. If you can’t subside the urge to insinuate on seeing someone being point blank wrong, Barfi them out.

Unfortunately, the quieter ones unfailingly look really intellectual even if all they may be doing is focusing on the nostril hair of oppositely seated person in between their pauses of an eternity.

Also, humorlexic  people are not worthy of jokes and sarcasm. Don’t let them fart on your happy mood by their dissection of each and every statement. Let them be (poopy).

Read and write and read:

Just realized for the 2014th time that if I cut down on reading nonsense fb stuffs and writing comments on all the pouting pics of others  while being Jealous inside, I can actually read lot many good stuffs and polish my writing skills. Some of the sentences I have written here have been fitted around the words I learnt from watching Koffee With Karan Season 4. That is the level of my exposure to a language that I once loved to master. This has to change. Yes!

Understand the true meaning of love:

True love is supposed to make you feel the same way a good loud sneeze does. Free and happily silly.

Anything else is blah!

Speak up

Speak up for things you strongly care about. For me, next time I see a friend throwing wrapper on streets, I am throwing him as well.

Pick up

Go back and complete those unfinished comic strips on photoshop, half written articles, some artwork left midway and those weird ideas that died with the course of time, juggle them up and make something crazy. This time for myself. :)

Get atleast one of these off my bucket list:

1.       Learn some western dance.

2.       Learn swimming.

3.       Join theatre.

2014 has already started on a good note. I was very upset to see all my boy crushes turn into uncles as the years passed by, but I finally have a new young crush, Arjun Kapoor. Weeeeeee!

Cheers and have a good year ahead you all.

How can I end without an Aloknath joke? 
“How does Aloknath’s dog bark?
  Bow-ji, Bow-ji”



  1. Secret_Admirer1017 January 2014 at 07:29

    Your writing's so cute! Really. Or may be I find it so.

  2. Secret_Admirer 1028 January 2014 at 08:57

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  3. I really like the way you put the satires forward...