Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Why did you make PK after PK so much

Since I am writing this on an empty stomach, the best analogy for PK crossing my thoughts right now is that of a chef putting Rajma masala, chhole masala, chaat masala, meat masala, chicken masala, blah blah masala, all at once in a dish just because he did not want to leave out any flavor and in the process ruining what could have been potentially a cult dish.

PK’s core idea is to  highlight a very common Indian disease, Voluntary Religious exploitation of people, by people and how ironic it is, irrespective of a particular religion. The movie deals with religious hypocrisy very logically and in a simple manner. Having said that, such a strong message in the movie got a bit diluted by many other ridiculous nonsense within the movie itself. And now I have so many points to crib about!

1.      If cricket can go down from 60 overs to 50 overs to 20 overs with changing times, why can’t the length of a typical big banner movie in Bollywood as well?  It was unnecessarily stretched by stupid things like Alien-Girl sequence etc. I donno if it is theater specific but I am sure that planets must have changed their position to cause major astrological influences and in the meanwhile entire janta must have got educated on ‘Aamsutra’ and ‘Choc-On’ by Katrina Kaif in those 30 minutes of interval advertisement.

2.       Why would they keep zooming on Anushka’s ugly lips? Also, just because Sushant is married, not conventionally good looking and not a star kid, they made him chew on so much plastic. Awwwwwwwww…

3.       What are the odds that a Bhojpuri speaking prostitute is working in a small area of Rajasthan just so that the hero could have that dialect #TooFake.
Also why wouldn’t he get his language updated when he falls for over enthusiastic Jaggu-The Maggu. After all, she would have held his hands more easily and he would have had a better shot at impressing her.

4.       Jaggu and Sarfaraaz(Sarfu here on) bonded over poetry and literature and it was shown umpteen times where one of them is sitting and the other one is lying in the lap at a perfect angle to sniff the other’s armpits, reading  books/notebooks. Sarfu himself was a writer by hobby so I am pretty sure atleast some of those notebooks had his handwriting in it.   Then How the hell can neither of them recognize handwriting or call to inquire/please/abuse. What is the probability of being super dumb? Hmmmm…. 1.

5.        Are we sure call was made to Pakistani Embassy? Because it surely looked like Love Guru’s hotline number. Dramatic boundaries were crossed as all the Pakistanis started reacting as if it was announced that Gosht will be served more in quantity than the usual.

6.       I am all for men nudity (Finally!!!!) but why didn’t they show Ranbir’s goodies instead of a man who is the father of three in real life. #TooBad

PK is an Okay one time watch. See it for the strong, logical questions it raises, funny sequences in the first half and Ranbir Kapur in the end.
Anyway, I left theater with a very profound doubt. Did Sarfu have a job in Pakistan? Did he not? Was he so vella he kept calling everyday? Or was he damn rich? Was he working from home at the time of call? Are the companies there that cool?? Kya Aapke Toothpaste me Namak hai??Blah!

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