Thursday, 24 January 2013

It's all about Nothing

I have been falling short of feelings to pick up pen and paper (Okay word file and keyboard in reality) because I have nothing on mind.  Nothing is beautiful. It’s the void between materialism and heart. A happy place which I create and dissolve as and when I want to. It’s a sacred state I wish yet fear to achieve.  

Then there is a nothing which is painful. A void that is forced. A certain news has always put my life into perspective.  A woman recently lost her husband at the trigger of nothing. It was a normal day till the night it was decided that he would not live. I have never spoken to her and don’t know how she cried, how much she cried but I feel a bond of pain. How could he just go away! The excitement in the relationship had settled down to a beautiful friendship and understanding and the god just recalled him. Why? What did she do?? The hair had not even turned pepper salt before life turned grey for her.

 I anticipate the blues, the pain, the fear as I stand here cribbing about losing hair, food, toenail, fighting when all I should be caring about is nothing.

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