Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Manly India?

"Dhol Ganwar Shoodra Pashu Nari Sakal tadana ke adhikari"

This is a quote by  Kalidasa which means Animals, illiterate Harijans and any woman who behaves like an animal deserve to be beaten up.Clearly shows how a concerned Mr. Kalidasa handed over the social responsibility of controlling the C grade beings of society to the Mankind ages ago.

“A child’s gender is more dependent on the man’s sperm than the divine interruptions” is like a funny joke in an Indian family, seeing the no. of mothers being tortured if she doesn’t give birth to a potential rapist. After all, he will be taking the family legacy forward.

But all families don’t encourage their son to be rowdy. Some actually ask “KulDeepaks” to study and become something. “Arrey! Padhega nahi toh achi ladki se shaadi kaise hogi!?Apni behen ki shaadi kaise karwaaega!??”

Achi ladki means daughter of a rich tycoon who hates his daughter so much that he will pay just to part with her.The poor ‘behen’ is an expert at studying, cooking, cleaning, talking in a meek voice and everything but self defense. The same ‘behen’ eventually becomes the epicenter of her brother’s favorite word as he hits puberty.

Some men blame space constraint for their *eve pleasing*. More the crowd, stronger is the pull to pinch and pat anything that doesn’t resemble a male figure. The world also has nice guys who just flash their license to rape (Penis) and smile away to glory. But even they rape. With their eyes.

Why is an Indian man so horny? Because he saw his mother getting assaulted and finds it a norm? Because in school, boys and girls were made to sit separately and the closest boys could come to interacting with girls was in their fantasy land? Because the society will not let him date a girl normally? Because his parents won’t let him satiate his sex drive before they get the deserved amount of cash ? Or because short hemline indicates a consenting girl and salwar kurti represents someone too meek to protest? After all, if he is a man, how will he not manhandle!

In every rape case, there is a rapist, a victim and hundreds of witnesses-those who could, but did not stop it. May be they have the same testosterone that drives a man to rape. May be that’s what stops them from standing up for a girl’s dignity and life.

 May be our culture itself is a big scam. May be, I am not proud to be an Indian anymore.

I wish every Indian man would implement this:

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