Sunday, 27 January 2013

RACE 2 the nearest Exit!!

Race 2 is a sheer disgrace to the awesome Race and basically a movie full of poopholes and probably not worth an effort even if you are tired of counting the interruptions of Arnab Goswami . 

Jacqueline Fernandez’s talent is put forth in the form of uncalled for slutty moans and bimbo strutting. She plays an arm candy to John Abraham whose acting is worse than his character sketch, lacking power and expressions completely. Then there was Uncle Saif to bore you further. Anil Kapoor’s dialogues were ripped off from a C grade disgusting movie though Ameesha played a bimbo so well, it seemed it was inbuilt in her persona!

What can I say about the routine monkey dance and song routine.. The story is so dumb that I don’t feel like torturing myself recalling it frame by frame. The climax of this super flop movie was in a super plane which survived open windows and broken doors. LOL!

P.S(If you are just too jobless): Girls, watch it for Deepika’s awesome style, sexy clothes, shoes, accessories and tonnes of attitude worth learning. Guys, mentioning Deepika is enough I hope? ;)

Sigh! If only she could change the almost certain fate of this film just like she LOLed(changed) the sequence of cards through a micro sensor fitted in her goggles! ;)

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