Sunday, 25 November 2012

Chappal Chor!

Recently a special friend who is always high on morals and always forces me to distinguish between right and wrong like that Sunday serial on DD1,” Yeshu Dayasagar” lost his expensive shoes. Funny!

Suddenly the price of his shoes went upto 2600 from the 500 that he had told me. Modesty & lies are like Inzamam-Ul-Haq and English. They can never be compatible. Hopefully he has finally learnt that he shouldn’t lie to me.  God has his ways to make anyone spill truth. :D

Now dirty, hot ground sent a shockwave to his head and ‘need’ slamchoked ‘Mr. Goodie two shoes’. He had a decision to make. An action to perform. He had to fend for himself. He had to steal. From an infinite array of shoes. This is what I call ‘Shoercle of Life’ ;)

He chose 2 chappals. Formed a pair. Pair was like Rakhi Sawant and Anna Hazare. Totally different. :D
He has been justifying it all with the fact that he chose dirty ones in exchange of his expensive one. :D

Every molecule of my body is laughing that someone stole his shoes and I have been bombarding him with songs like “Chorni baaga maa bole..” and will  be teasing him to watch movies like “Chori Chori Chupke”  for a lifetime. Tattoos of “Mera friend chor hai” have also been discussed.
But I wish he had stolen a really good one. Atleast we could be sure that he did not leave a poor man with naked feet.  

It’s funny yet sad that religious places have been turned into red light area for shoe lifting. God help me if I ever wear a pretty shoe to temple!

P.S: Dear Shoe lifters, Booze and shoes are all that a man needs. Giving up either hurts. ;)

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