Tuesday, 10 January 2012

jab we met..

No. its not a love story. No kareena. No shahid. But atleast, there was a railway station as the backdrop for my real life encounter with a ………… !   

Waiting at margao station to catch 3 am train at the end of a day where I almost got a sunstroke while my parents couldn’t get enough of beaches and watersports…. could I be  more upset? I swore not to get up from my seat till 3 as a sign of protest and anger before dad excitedly announced the presence of a possible terrorist caught  at the platform. 6th sense was screaming:  “ur Dad is replaying ‘come-here-take-a-candy-and-oops-injection’  trick” but still I worked against inertia and went out.

He looked like my dandruff-white friend from ps1. Same length, height and width. Only his beard prevented me from yelling “hiiii ******” aloud. Pushing everyone aside, I reached 5 steps away from him and police and then we had EYECONTACT! And out of nowhere,  myth that a snake captures the face of its enemy in its eyes and takes revenge later(probably, side effect of watching jaani-dushmann so many times) popped in my head n I backed off a lil. He was probably my age or even younger.

With his hands tied back, he was taken to the end of the train to identify his colleagues and explain about  lost simcards and phones. I was following him everywhere like a true journalist ignoring the fact that  my teeth was chattering like a monkey and there was no female around and every person in my vicinity looked like a terrorist. In the meanwhile, He was  answering everything without too much pressure and  police nabbed  4 more guys involved within half an hour. I still wonder why those 4 were sitting in the train waiting to be caught /getting lucky, even after knowing that their plan had fizzled out.
 He was wiping his face at periodic intervals in such a chilly weather. I was getting bolder with the eye contacts and for a moment I felt like hopping 4 steps ahead and asking “ why dude! Why?!”  Policemen were happily posing alongside him and his stone cold composure throughout, was invoking unintentional sympathy from me.
Dog squad arrived eventually and police started screaming, so did my dad,  to get me glued back to my seat. I guess everyone wants a Barkha Dutt to be born; But not in their own family :|

And hence  I had to bid adieu(in my head)  to a guy who COULD have easily been studying in my college, leading a good life and enjoying female attention because of his good looks. But for him, the life has probably ended as soon as it starts for the rest of the world. He was no Ajmal Kasab. Infact, he must be atleast a dozen ranks below him, probably he had no idea of high level plans but his  life is ruined for sure.

P.S:  Kudos to the Indian officers for intercepting the telephonic conversations of such anti-social elements and acting just on time.
On a random note, Thank you *aaliya , farhan , faazu and hari for keeping me entertained on that never ending train journey. =)


  1. Thnx for enlightening...
    for this wz more like frightening,
    Since u can stay away from criminals or crime
    oh god this encounter even makes me rhyme.
    keep it up but I feel sorry
    cuz this might be your shortest love story...!

    gud job

  2. Are you talking about 'cadet' from ps-1? A very chilling experience, well expressed. Makes you think.