Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I got/took EEE quiz

For all the eee soldiers and the  midway martyrs, this will correctly tell you if fate is to be blamed or you are to be blamed for this fate of yours.

1.    What does ‘EEE’ mean to you?

a.    Your expected grades.
b.    Your unexpected grades.
c.    Your beloved branch.
d.    Reminds you of your due IEEE paper.

2.    What is the 1st thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “CHIPS”?

a.     Uncle chips(blue/green)
b.    lays
c.    VLSI chips
d.    MSI chips

3.    ……… Is the IC made exclusively for  ……..

a.    KBC, traumatizing u by PDA(Public Distribution of Avg minus papers )
b.    kaane, torturing your soul with a grin.
c.    7432, OR operation.
d.    7402, 3 input NAND operation.

4.     You spend the most productive hours of your day in:

a.    Room.
b.    LT, daydreaming.
c.    LT, making notes.
d.    Library, copying the missed notes.

5.    Before cdc’s, you wanted to purse which profession as a free time hobby?

a.    24x7 Engineering.
b.    Research.
c.    Photography.
d.    Stenography.

6.    After cdc’s, you feel confident enough to pursue which bread winning profession?

a.    Stenography.
b.    Photography.
c.    Research.
d.    Engineering.

7.    What do you feel about the mood swings of electrons and holes in a semiconductor?

a.    Abbey, go wherever you want to, however you want to.. just get me marks.
b.    You don’t give a shit.
c.    Ooooooooooooo! Holy shit. Its too important a point to ignore.
d.    Awww!! Admire the beauty of the subject and pursue MS in this field.

8.    Mechanical engineering is:

a.    A shortcut to average plus marks.
b.    A shortcut you regret being deprived of.
c.    A good branch but not better than EEE anyday.
d.    Lite.. we cover it all in EMEC and EMFW.

9.    How do you see ‘0’?

a.    Reminder of all india test series for entrance exams.
b.    Its not 0. Just av-5.
c.    An exception in your otherwise pretty record.
d.    A motivation to mug harder for the next exam.

10. * This post is an artwork of a …………….

a.     eee victim.
b.    Frustrated eee victim.
c.    Hopeless, frustrated eee victim.
d.    All of the above.

If your answer has  mostly a’s or b’s, sorry chap, you got EEE and EEE got ya in return. You cant do anything about it and how much ever harsh it sounds, u gotta live with it. But luckily, u have eliminated the possibility of a future tangled in wires with your own hands.

For the c/d dudes, you took EEE and it will surely take you for a ride to foreign countries for free. Have a ‘shocking’ yet boring future ahead.

Those who chose almost equal no. of a,b,c,d’s , your confused head will go through much more shit than a pair of bums has ever gone through!  High time you wake up and choose to bEEE or not to bEEE a EEE engineer.

PS: Cheers to the sem that has just begun with a hi(gh) five =)


  1. wrote purse twice instead of it a divine indication that i should buy a new purse asap.. just wondering.