Friday, 25 November 2011

Delhi Days

Within a month, I will be breathing in the (polluted, populated and passionate)^ infinity  *Delhi* ! 
I can  already foresee millions of cars coming to a standstill and  honking in a rhythm to create a weird  welcome tune. In short, there will be a huge traffic jam on my way back home :(

Delhi is a cheerful yet angry yet funny place to live in and people there are as weirdly  classy as lady gaga’s outfits :)

So what if an average delhi chick is the prettier version of  levi’s mannequin. So what if her hair is straighter and sexier than Hugh Grant.  
So what if delhi gals are smart enough to  implement and appreciate Mathematics in an innovative way.
For them, Oxygen:life::kohl:eyes::dieting:health::piercing:nose.

Why is world Jealous?
Aunties of the same age respectfully call each other “Aunty” and you call delhites impolite! Dushhh….

Delhi dudes preplan things. Why else would they have the accent of some English country (they may/MAY NOT visit) stuck on their tongue. They are far sighted as well. They can see n appreciate females  miles away and  their unbiased attitude towards the fairer sex is commendable. Discrimination on the basis of age, size, height or color is a sin.    

We have bravely survived bluelines, fought atleast once with a stranger, earned our PHD in abusing on road, eaten our fav icecream at 1 am on the street, danced all night long on  panju songs at some xyz’s wedding, asked for extra dirty paani after finishing pani-puris, found our besties, used the word ‘like’ like 100 times after like every noun/pronoun/conjunction, hopped on metro like butterflies etc etc. Where else could I  do all this!

For me, a bright yellow sunflower symbolizes  Delhi and its loud yet adorable never-say-die spirit.
Weather may be cold right now, but the enthusiasm will never be. Its  is a city of hope, energy, positivity  and wonderful memories. I cant wait to go there and eat, sleep, shop, let my hair down and daydream! =)  


  1. Nice.. bt gaga == classy??? :O

  2. wow khush kar dea gurl...missin delhi lyk nything;

    our delhi the kaleidoscope of feelings..thoughts..n much more..umm again falling in love with u DELHI :)

  3. Delhi rocks \m/
    Punjabi songs \m/ \m/
    kactus keep up the nice work :)

  4. Dilli Dil waalon ki city hai
    Rotey bhi dil se hain, aur sotey bhi dil se hain
    diwali ho ya ho eid, har tyohaar me shareekh hotey bhi dil se hain
    Wo chandni chowk ki galiyan ho ya ho rajiv chowk metro station ke dhakke,
    har dilli waale ke hain iraade pakke
    Dil waalon tumhe salaam
    Dilli tujhe salaam

    Keep it up kactus...gud job

  5. This one good!! :D
    reminds me of my home too! :D

  6. delhi :-*
    btw.. u insulting or praising ? :P