Saturday, 23 November 2013

To Boredom & Beyond

You know you are extremely bored in life when:

1.       You stop sympathizing with your maid and instead envy her for the immense job satisfaction she has, which is quite evident by the bright ‘Good Morning’ she greets you with in her  pretty clothes,  while your heart starts sinking knowing it’s a weekday morning.

2.        You start fearing that soon enough, on some crazy day you may permit your parents to go groom hunting just because you believe that you will have atleast  0.1 % chance of having fun in future.

3.       Friday is the day of your resurrection. Every week.

4.       Hogging is the only way to break the monotony of daily life. Even if that means looking forward to eating South Indian style Chhole full of coconut in office as slowly and as much and as many times as you can just to while away time even when you weigh nearly 3 times your age.

5.       You know the exact nature of Priya’s trauma currently in “Bade Ache Lagte Hain..”  and sit through songs like ‘God, Allah, Bhagwan…’ poker faced.

6.       Mirror is not a necessity anymore for your prior obsessed self. You pick up the first pair of cloth that falls out of the cupboard and go around the town in pink and yellow or red and dark red. There is no enthusiasm to look good.

7.       10 facebook notifications is the most exciting thing you came across today.

8.       You actually start introspecting and contemplate over clich├ęd ideas like preparing for MBA.

9.       You can relate to all the slow songs which you earlier assumed to be written by constipated people, for constipated people….

Some of my favorites these days:

·         ‘Kabhi khud pe, Kabhi haalaat pe rona aaya…’ after regularly missing the office bus even after a real life ‘Temple Run’ daily and paying 200 damn bucks to go to the most Yo Yo place: Office!
·         ‘Kyun Main Jaagoon……..’  in front of the desktop while a sheet stares back at me.
·         ‘A Thousand Years........’ at 5:30 pm knowing that I have  3 more hours left in my shift and cannot take the shuttle that leaves like right now!
·         ‘Kuch na Kaho, Kuch bhi naa Kaho…’ as the work is being assigned to me.
·         ‘Ajnabi mujhko itna bataa, dil mera kyun pareshan hai…’ after manager gives his insights into my work.

10.   When the Joke of the Day is: ‘Mommy, I know about Gandhi but who the hell is Jayanti’ by a teammate’s kid on Oct 2nd.  

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