Sunday, 25 August 2013

The art of looking bad

Some people are not content with the unforced genetic flaws that we all come with and try to take it up a notch by  putting on nonsense in public. Some of the ultimate “My eyes! My eyes!” moments come for me when I see someone doing any of these:

  1. Skin colored leggings: Okay you woman, from a distance it looks like you wore nothing but Kurti/Top. You look semi naked and I get disgusted with your bare(appearing) elephant/ toothpick legs below a pretty costume. It looks extremely cheap and kinda vulgar. 

  2. Goggles at night: Unless and until you are blind, I assume you have got conjunctivitis or are a bimbo of top category. 
  3. Scratched nail paint: Eeew is the word man! Remove it completely or keep updating it like your antivirus. 
  4. Undies out, grace over: Some morons forget that  underwears must have been named so for a reason and go around flashing it like a talent. Unless and until you are Superman, please don’t  do it. 
  5. Putting on favorite accessories: Doing it all at once makes you look like a shop on Chandni Chowk and takes the focus away from individual pretty pieces. So please don’t crowd yourselves and look like a bride.
  6. V neck t shirts: In my personal opinion, a figure hugging V neck T Shirt takes a bit of manliness away from guys.
  7. Cleavage: All you men who consider themselves John Abraham from Dostana and all you J Los’ , please note that belts have a purpose. So before you bend down and put your bums in someone’s face please make sure you have it covered because believe it or not, it looks disgusting.
  8. Personal hygiene: Please don’t consider this world a bathroom and flash your booger around. Similarly, you don’t have to show off that you ate something nice by carrying it everywhere in your teeth.

  9.  Bad color combination: Green, pink, yellow, blue and red. Together you look good, nobody said. So please keep in mind the aesthetics before you decide to prove yourself to be a super cool matchmaker for your clothes. Remember, you are a person. Not a rainbow.


  1. Fun reading it. Good points.

  2. Haha...true and funny! Looks like all this is written based on first hand experiences (of course disgusting!)