Wednesday, 6 March 2013

'I, Me Aur Main' Pain

Firstly, I would like a committee to be set up to investigate if Jyoti Randhawa  has stolen all his wife’s cash. Why else did an amazing actor like Chitrangada Singh stoop to something as low as signing this movie. Tcchh….

The core of the movie is to promote ‘Assholism’ in general through John Abraham’s(Ishaan) character. The title reflects him as a selfish but actually he is also a cheapo who refuses to pay the milkman of his gf Anushka(btw, he is a leach living in her house, probably for free)because he drinks black coffee. Should we laugh? Haha..haha…

Anushka(Chitrangada) dumps him and he falls for his neighbor , Gauri (Prachi Desai) just because she keeps flashing.
I mean keeps flashing her …errr.. Teeth! Stylist by profession, she herself wears tacky combination of blue and yellow clothes. She is so demented that even being left alone on a road by the jerk, Ishaan also makes her laugh. She is also a part time electrician always playing with screwdriver in the building. Why the hell did she not fix her own loose screw ! 

Ishaan meanwhile, decides to promote Aamla, who is not edible or tolerable at all. She declares being a noob at everything except singing but miraculously starts doing classical dance at the end with bad lip syncing.
There is one good thing about Ishaan though. He turns into a motivational speaker(Deepak Chopra ..listening?) everytime Aamla is just about to piss in her pants in panic. Just 2 lines and boom!

Meanwhile Anushka discovers that she is pregnant with Ishaan’s child..blah..blah..
Ishaan’s mother takes revenge for the audience by slapping him tight which makes him a good person.LOL!So at the end, he becomes a responsible father while Anushka doesn’t take him back for a hotter guy. Finally a good decision. ;)

Throughout the movie, John keeps delivering an epic dialogue while scratching air in front of mirror like a dog. ”Who is the best (waste)… Who is the best (waste)… Who is the best (waste)…? Ishaan” Pissssssssssss

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