Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My tiny lil joys in Bangalore *-*

So, finally I have settled down in my new nest and with every passing day, I and Bangalore are getting to know each other, eating and swinging.

I say eating because besides being an IT hub, it’s an awesome food land. Bangalore is sprinkled with eating joints every 10 steps and all I can say is “I’m loving it!”. I am discovering this city through its food and may be its my primary source of motivation to avert inertia on weekends.

But swinging in bus at every possible angle, twice a day breaks my soul and body. Listening to the weird kannada songs every morning while some Aunty standing like Sholay's‘Viru’ starts using me as an armrest, it all auto forwards me into an intellectual introspection mode.

Still, everyday there are numerous tiny sparks which can make my hour of the day.I will share a few random ones:

*Strategically waking up at a time when some ‘flabmate’ of mine has already made breakfast for me.  

*Knowing the answer to the toughest question in this world-“What am I gonna wear today!”

*Taking less than 10 minutes to cross the road.

*Hovering over the head of an angel who will be vacating her seat just 2 stops later.

*Seeing the 1st sign of motion in that 1 hour routine traffic jam.

*Escaping my manager’s eyes till the time I sink in my chair and pretend to have been there for hours when I am actually late(usually)

*Catching my team’s attention if I am ever on time.

*Getting free food.

*Getting a chance to lay my hands on the foosball table.

*Playing Table Tennis like Saina Nehwal instead of Virendar Sehwag

*Finding bugs in Bugzilla

*Reliving a non spicy episode of Saas-Bahu serial with my flabmates!

*Sleeping on a high laughter note after talking to my favorite people. Even I want them to be taller, stronger and sharper and I take care of the first part atleast by pulling their leg well.

  All we need to remember is:
“It’s a new day. It’s a new life.  Embrace it and you shall survive =)”

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