Thursday, 16 August 2012


FoodStop: Golkonda chimney

Well, it is Marthahalli’s Leela palace, Taj Vivanta, Hyatt and everything. A small area has been cleverly utilized to provide 3 varieties of seating arrangement. Normal arrangement on the ground floor in dingy light, bright area on top for families and my favorite  open air area adjacent to it where pretty candle shimmers on the table and stars in the sky. The place is frequented by chicken lovers often.


Food is yummy! We find more options than the usual lollipop, chilly chicken and kebabs in starters as well as main course. Amazing chicken dishes with fancy names tempt more than the usual. Price is as good as the quality. A normal chicken item costs around Rs 180.
 Funnily, bringing the bill takes more time than bringing the dishes. 

Shining stars: Chimney Kebab, Chicken Chatpat, Mint Roti.

Tip: Carry your own water if possible. Mineral water is for 45 damn bucks.

FoodStop: Meghana Foods, M G Road

The place is simple, bright and clean with real banana leaves as plate and own hands as spoon J. Generally, it is hoarded by decent people with serious love for good food.

The biryanis here are amazingly magnetic to our tastebuds. The staff is friendly and their recommendations are worth ordering. So, relax your brain, loosen the buttons, wash hands and get mesmerized in one of the precious gifts of Hyderabad.
Food is reasonably priced with biryanis priced around Rs 160. One bowl is enough for 2 not-so-hungry souls.
If food comes fast, bill comes faster. It gets a lil annoying when the bill is brought even before the food finishes.

Shining stars: Meghana Special Biryani, Present day’s special starter.

FoodStop: Chandni Chowk, Kormangala

If Chandni Chowk is anywhere on earth, it is not just in Delhi. A part of it glitters in the heart of Bangalore as well. Located at a 5 minute walkable distance from Oasis mall, its first glimpse reminds of a happy wedding party with string of tiny bulbs adorning the entire building. Lucky ones like me may get to enter into a beautiful bollywood like setup with booming live dhol and Punjabi music setting up the mood.
The classy granite has been ditched for pebbles on the floor. The menu card is a unique silk dhapli. Walls are ethnic and curtains are shiny sitaaras. You admire and eat on the faces of bollywood divas simultaneously who pose on the wall as well as the table mats :D
The place screams “Happy Punjabi Happy Punjabi” with its infectious loudness in decoration, filmy music and periodic bursts of dhol.


Food is brand Punjabi. The hidden Punjabi foodster awakens amidst traditional varieties of chicken. Having Lassi is not a choice, it is a compulsion thanks to its awesomeness.

Shining stars: ta ta ta ta tandoori nights for starters and go gaga over Rara chicken for main course.
Everybody grows a sweet tooth by default after licking chicken off their plate. 

Tip: Control your emotions while ordering or next day some may see loose motions.

It is one of those weird places where food comes first, cutlery comes second and plates come last. The place needs a makeover even more than Sonakshi  Sinha’s forehead. The walls are old and scratched and 6th sense screams that tables are unclean. String with broken egg shells around each bulb is simply tacky. The only innovation in the miserly setup ambience is probably the blackboards with some deadly PJs scribbled on them.
Eggxample: URINE: Opposite of  You are out!! 


 Egg Factory is surely worth a visit. But just one visit. Some of the dishes are actually very good and new. Do enquire about the curry of dishes with hi-fi names. Dishes in tomato curry are sweeter than they should be.
All in all, Food is heavy, not the cost. Most expensive dish is for Rs 145. 

Shining stars: Pink Lady, Roasted Chillies Frittata, Pasts Al Burj, Choco Sin :* 

Tip: The eggy dishes may disappoint incase you go with too much eggspectation. Also, original French toast is actually sweet. Avoid drinking in their egg kissed glasses.

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