Friday, 17 August 2012

Ek Tha Tiger!

I went into the movie with a pre conceived notion that I will be opening with “Ek Tha Salman” for dishing out the same over spicy formula and being predictable. I was not wrong. But I was not right also!
Ek Tha Tiger is like Salman Khan’s signature recipie and it turned out pretty entertaining. I will go through the moments that stood out for me intentionally or otherwise.


 50 year old RAW spy, ‘Tiger’ returns home after a mission to an epidemic of women saying things like “Wo Aa Gaya!” in a slutty tone. All this while, Tiger uses all his mind power to concentrate on milk being poured into his vessel. Seriously?!! :D  

Tiger goes on a mission and meets Zoya(Katrina) and delivers a series of must watch funny PJs. After falling in love, he starts feeling  that his macho nickname given by RAW is actually a dog’s pet name. You may actually feel like singing  “Ban Gaya Kutta” from “Pyaar ka punchnama”  right on his face once he says that. :D     

Shy spy turns into a nice lover boy and almost gets kissed before Zoya runs away as if he had bad breath!  

‘Tiger’ has the agility of a squirrel, strength of an elephant but the IQ of a donkey compared to lizard-like- fast Zoya who outwits or rather ‘outspies’ him on many occasions.

RAW agents show similar traits to our Indian police in reaching late and are infact shamefully beaten upto the crime scene by Pakistan’s  ISI! Tcchhh!!

To watch out for:

Tiger’s immunity to gravity in the awesome action sequences.

Zoya’s action sequences are to die for. One of the best efforts by an Indian actress.

Hey Ladies! Katrina’s clothes are too pretty and wearable! Watch carefully so that your hawk eyes don’t miss out on similar pieces. Katrina’s  manages to pull off her getup as a Pakistani diplomat with gusto. Her clothing has stark resemblance(intentional?) to the actual stylish politician from Pak, Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar.

Cuba :* Havana looks too awesome in the movie and is now on my wishlist of “Places to visit”. Even Istanbul looks great. The cinematography is surely very good.

The only good song of the movie, “Mashallah” if you ignore ‘Tiger’ jumping around like an uncomfortable monkey. Katrina dances too well and looks great in the song.

Ranvir Shorey in his very smart and witty role of a co spy. \m/

Wtf fact

 Why did not Zoya date her more handsome and younger  co-spy from the same company & nationality !

 It is surely a movie worth watching once. All in all, an entertaining timepass. :)

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