Saturday, 19 November 2011

educational shit

“la la la la..koochie koo..icecream..faces lit........ >.< ..…..ulti shit..Iscream..@$%%# you....blah blah blah’. Thts how   the titanic  track incessantly playing  in ur cerebrum ends. Lara Croft in u meets the hidden Meena Kumari and u wonder if u have split personality disorder . But, hang on! everything hs a positive side.

 Firstly, u get to relive the breakup scene from ur fav sitcom ..either u eat a tub of icecream without guilt  or  u stop gobbling and  dispel 80% of the factor tht makes up 70% of ur weight(water, incase u din know) . Either way, u GAIN something!! (weight /figure). Even though U delete 1000 pictures.. 100 thousand memories linger on… but look logically and u discover a space tht can  store 10 more \m/ movies in ur laptop.  You  INSPIRE many chartbusters like “teardrops” and “what hurts the most…”. Wht better way to give back to the society!
You finally do all crazy things that u secretly wished to, but openly criticized. You develop a new perspective even without shrooms.

Breakups certainly put a brake but  never let them break u down. Start something u wanted to. Say  a blog :) .
Get over “Love is like a bird; Let it go. If it comes back, then only its yours”.
 Rather, just let it go… like a FART!

P.S: it’s a work of reality+fiction and what I did/am doing/will do may completely be pi radians out of phase with what I just wrote ! :D


  1. what i infer from this post is this .... u have done your MATH CDC's exceptionally well :P

  2. let it a fart!. lmao :D as u say it,seriously funny!.
    this is ur forte girl. keep it up. impressive 1st write up. :)

  3. AWESOMEEEE ......!! Pehli baar me hi phodd diya yaar ...laauved it !! ;)

  4. truly Inspirational and thoughtful at the same time... :) amazing 1st attempt... Pro blogger !

  5. Break up obsessed lady...way to goo....I jst hope u actually meant all of it...good for u...
    This one's for all the heart broken ppl out there... well drafted :-)

  6. dear "anonymous" :D
    its just my idea of wht an ideal reaction shud be towards breakup. i may not have picked up all the leaves from my own life :)

  7. Well said. Keep eating more shrooms and inspiring more chart busters while not forgetting to fart!

  8. What a shit! :P

  9. nice one kactus !!!
    keep smiling , and ofcourse, FARTING ;)

  10. That is some awesome shit! So this is how a heartbroken female (read: Devdas(ini))works up magic.. Let it go baby, we don't mind at all (as long as the farts are virtual and harmless)!

  11. Everything's much like some random opinions but assembled well to create a near masterpiece. But short though.
    PS. Liked the PS. part the most
    keep it up rebel
    Sadda Haq!!!

  12. Wao......seriously this is definitely a tight slap to someone...ausumnly expressed!!!!! live life king size :)