Monday, 16 April 2012

Wrestlemania Shit

Watching the 'hell in a cell' match between Undertaker and Triple H set my spirits up and BP high, even more than exams.

The gist is that Undertaker stretched his unbeaten record at wrestlemania to 20 by twisting every possible node in Triple H's body, while Shawn Michaels played a macho Tulsi Virani in the role of referee.  Everybody has a wrestler within and surely, even I felt like manifesting a few punches on mess food, overpriced junk, confused life et al. Or as they say, Wanted to send a few high- fives randomly. With a chair. Made of steel :D
Wrestlemania 28 surely stamped many ''how why when's'' over my head.  Will share some random observations/queries:

-          Undertaker uses which eyeliner dude! It stayed perfect even when he couldn’t. I need his fashion advice.

-          Ye dhaisau(250)  KN ke force se  jab kisiko ko maar padta hai na, to aadmi uthta nahi.. kood k khada ho jata hai. How!! # Even Sunny Deol is flabbergasted.

-          Triple H, why didn’t you tie your hair before the fight. Your mommy taught you nothing it seems about how unkempt hair is a magnet for trouble. I hope u learnt your lesson this time.

-          Triple H again! Why did not you kick at the only covered part of your opponent, instead of getting a hammer which you couldn’t even lift up half of the time.

-          Advice to Shawn Michaels: Since you are retired now and displayed immense emotional quotient, poise and integrity while getting your pet ass kicked, I say dye your silky blond hair black and meet Ms. Ekta Kapoor asap.

Apparently, all the fights are fake with cuts made with hidden razors and hammer is  made of sponge, chair of some soft wood and sound is amplified by booming speakers. Whatever it is, it surely managed to bring back ‘now funny then painful’ childhood memories  when I used to choke slam(rarely) while I got jack hammered, Tombstone piledrivered and danced to the tunes of sweet chin music, as WWF transited to WWE ;)  

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