Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Big Bang Theory: Not some shit

5 seasons down the line, I am sheldstruck man. period.

BBT has been my antidote to boredom and any spark of depressing boy voyage.
This post is about my mental perception of a sensory stimulus,The didactic BBT.

Trying to learn ‘Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-Spock’ while Sheldon is motor mouthing the rules or watching him fold  clothes are all too funny to tolerate at times.   

Times when Penny gets the better of Sheldon are worth preserving in the memory forever. That episode when Penny said ‘oh! I see’(pronounced OIC) after she was sheldonightened with the full form of AFK and then he asking the full form of OIC. Twice. Epic! A nice reminder that nothing is invincible ;)

Thank you Dr. Raj Koothrappali for supporting my claim that catching an American accent is not a compulsory disease. It’s just an option compulsorily chosen by NRIs living anywhere on the globe to sound hip and cool. How else could the mystery behind the theory of Indians catching an accent *forever* in a 6 month trip while foreigners sticking with their twisted tongue even after a decade in the subcontinent be explained. 

Hey Howard! You are the true Indian man. Not Raj. Still henpecked under mommy’s thumb and walking the tight rope between her love and girlfriend’s is the status of majority of Indian men and you, ofcourse.

I am glad Penny is not a typical pretty bimbo standing like a mannequin to laugh at male leads jokes. She has managed to hold her own happy go lucky self  against a gang of extraordinary nerds. ‘Funny girl’ is not an oxymoron anymore. Penny, you are worth every penny that you extract from the show.

Leonard is the last ray of hope for an average man to frogleap from ‘single’  to ‘in a relationship’ category for real. But on those dark, lonely nights when I think of a hot and happening chick “actually” dating a caring, loving and a boring nerd  like him, I realize it’s a fiction afterall.   :|

 The post was supposed to declare my love for Sheldon but I still haven’t mentioned him enough. So here go my closing thoughts. The fluidity in his body language and dialogues is bombastic. His love for meemo, kitty song, science, discipline in food consumption are all innocently funny. So eccentric, yet he managed to score a girlfriend and then came up with a counter proposal for sex!. God _/\_(can’t resist, even though he seems to be an atheist)

He has his fun and never compromises with it. That’s the way to live. We meet many poopers, but rarely a Cooper. \m/ 

And Yes. That booming laughter of ours does start with The Big Bang. :)

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