Friday, 8 February 2013

How Can My True Love Leave me!

It’s been a couple of hours since he left me. All my calls are going in vain. Now I know how Sita must have felt in her exile bereft of Ram, Arnab Goswami in his Maun Vrata and Jacqueline Fernandez in Bollywood.  Completely lost!

I pressed him hard to revive our relationship. Tried to reconnect all the connection I could think of. In a moment of desperation, breaching a barricade of robots, I reached his boss also who promised me a time frame of 2 days to get him back. I know that his promise is as fake as Koena Mitra’s nose.

How can he forget it all! How we stayed up till 2 in the night talking sweet nothings, searching for the meaning of life and trying to upgrade it all. I don’t know how to live anymore. I am sitting with my laptop and tears roll down its eyes as well. Even the domino’s free pizza offer on Friday night fails to cure my addiction to him. World seems black and white and this is the closest I have come to experiencing rural life in a while.

Baby, please come back.
You are my soul mate. You are my search mate. Because you are my Airtel Internet connection.

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