Friday, 21 September 2012


Glad I saved 250 rupees on watching 'Cocktail'. Instead the money can come handy in buying two pairs of chappals from Kamla Nagar to rain on the scriptwriter.

So  Meera is a true Indian girl who instead of reporting to the police about her pest husband, starts camping in a stranger’s house. Hello?

Accepted that bimbo girls laugh at PJ’s a lot but how can she giggle at Gautam’s poop like pickup lines which can wake me up even from death. Just to slap him right across his face. 
While it takes her potentially HIV infected lover one half of a song to fall in love and out of lust, our Bhartiya Naari is entangled in love in 2 minutes. What is she?  Maggi noodles?
 Saif should have ideally played father/uncle to the pretty girl and her anorexic Brutus but Alas!

Funny she came to London in salwar kurti with pink clutcher being highlighted like ugly pimples and then landed in India in trendy jeans. Haha! Whom are you fooling Mr. Writer!

Deepika needs to read the script beyond her role because Saif, Diana and pathetic story totally let the movie down even though she stood out.

“I am a rich bitch” and “Whatever is in the house is on the house” are the only two killer dialogues. Rest  all are  an assault to the sensibility!

Btw, Can anyone explain the following line in “Tumhi ho Bandhu” song.

“Tu hai jaisa mujhko waisa
Dikhna.. dikhna”

Excuse me? What? The girl wants to look manly also now on top of her anorexic, anemic stature! ?

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