Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Academic shit

It’s a sweet bitter feeling knowing that it’s the last academic semester of college and there are so many things to write about. Being a serious and a seriously good student, let me start with academics as of now :D

Certain heart wrenching courses that I had to compulsorily study almost changed my perspective about life.
I am compiling a list of the few classic ones:

1.    Workshop Practices:

What it tried to teach: A 4 unit course aimed to give a glimpse into the factory working conditions. We obviously should not be clueless about something that our hyper nerd fellows dream of owning at the age of 25 or a place where some of us may have to work in without choice.

What I learnt: Screwed up gender ratio is a blessing in disguise.

I skipped the theory part then, I will skip it now. Practical classes are where I learnt the most. Swing your hair left, swing your hair right, smile, make an innocent puppy face and some male angel will bend over to finish your bending, shaping, fitting, chiseling etc . on a rough day.
On lucky days, an already ‘ worked-on hard by a superman’ work piece will present itself before you. Grab it up or sweat it out. It is all madame’s choice.

2.    Biology :
What it tried to teach: Beautiful theory behind the evolution of birds, plants, animals and the real animals (us).
What I realized: Choosing engineering over ‘life’ was not a bad decision.

Thank god I chose maths over biology as my main subject in 11th even though I highly doubt the funda of “ engineering kar lo, bada scope hai” and had to slog like a donkey to qualify. Doing this course removed all the ‘ what-ifs’ in my head about my decision to break up with the functioning of  living things. 1 wrong move and I would have been yawning away to death because in medical line, apparently, you got to attend classes and “actually study” even to squeeze in into the next semester which is so unlike our engineering.

 3.    Principles of management(POM):      

What is tried to teach: Management.
What I learnt: Before I could learn how  to manage my wardrobe, shoes, assignments or some company, I got a good lesson on memory management. Optimum way to mug up the points to trick the teacher into throwing away marks was everybody’s secret art.
Those exam day mornings when the brain automatically used to reset itself after getting jam packed a night before still gives  sweet shivers.  

 4.  Electrical Sciences 2:

What it tried to teach: Motor, Generator something something.

What I realized: Thank god this course was off the list in 1st year, else I wouldn’t have been an engineer probably, it being a trailer to the dreaded electrical engineering. The course did manage to dampen my brain frequency. Every nook and crany gave up trying to fiddle with the field and armature currents. I did survive but not with my head held very high exactly because mostly it was resting in my hands, all thanks to ES2.


What it tried to teach: It is an extremely positive course that talks only about Gain, Gain and more Gain.

What I got: Pain, Pain and more Pain.

 The positivity of the course was radiated in the question paper and answer sheets both. We always calculated either the wrong “gain”( norm) or the right “gain”(rare).  Negative terms like losses were usually ignored.
 Micro may have managed to give headache at macro level to the mortals but I know for sure that even if I have to wrestle with the great Khali, I can still survive because I have been there, done that.

It’s been one hell of a curriculum and looking back, all courses except the ongoing ones sound funny now. Learnt a lot in every sense.
Thanks to electronics labs, i learnt the importance of staying "Grounded" and the consequences otherwise. :-| :P
on a random note,
One and probably the only enlightening fact that I still remember from renewable energy: A cow shits out 14 kgs of poop per day!!! Holy crap!

 “Exams are many; Marks very few.
  Cheers to us who faced it all,
  Every mirror sees a survivor in YOU."

~To Us~


  1. Typical Nitisha style of writing :)

  2. Hilarious! And every sentence had nitisha popping out and ranting that sentence in front of you :D Totally loved the "gain, gain, gain and pain pain pain" part! :)